Excision-The Paradox Tour

Excision-The Paradox Tour

  • Location:Maplewood, Mn
  • Venue:Myth Live Event Center
  • Time:800

must be 18 or older with a valid ID to attend. Support: (subject to change without notice) Cookie Monsta, Barely Alive, Dion Timmer, Dubloadz

Times: (Subject to change without notice)

Doors: 8:00pm

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No orbitals/poi/lights of any kind attached to string
No rage staffs/totems
No flashlights
No sharpies
No camelbaks/water bottles
No hula hoops
No backpacks
Sting backpacks are ok
Glowsticks are ok (no large quantities)
Kandi is ok
Spirit hoods are ok
Light gloves are ok
1 sealed bottle of water is ok